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When a Loved One Dies Away From Home

Even the most level-headed of people can have difficulty when a loved one dies. This can be especially difficult when it occurs away from home. Here are some tips for how to deal with a death away from home before it happens and what choices to be make for transportation.

1. Don’t Panic When A Loved One Dies Away From Home.

loved one dies away

When a loved one dies far from home, the first thought may be to hop on a plane and go to them. This is natural and there is nothing wrong with that, but it can be costly. Making arrangements could take weeks or days, which means having to pay for hotels, food, rental car, and more. Having a clear head before making the next decisions is crucial. If you don’t feel that you are able to be rational, given the loss, ask a friend or family member to help you.

2. Call The Funeral Home.

loved one dies away

Call a funeral home or crematory to make arrangements and decide transport. Choose a funeral home or crematory where you would like to have services. If you plan on having services at home, the funeral home or crematory can help facilitate your plans to get them home. After that, make a few more calls to get prices. All funeral homes are not the same and you want to find the best one for your loved one and your money.

The funeral home will be able to help you with the transport for your loved one. They can be brought home by a transportation company by vehicle or on a plane. First, some decisions will have to be made and the costs will vary. For more tips on making funeral arrangements see our Funeral Planning Guide.

3. Arrange Transportation

Decide how you would like to bring your loved one home. If you plan on having htem buried, then you will have to bring them home by plane or transport vehicle. Air transportation often requires your loved one to be embalmed prior. Ground transportation is a preferred method, especially when the transport is within the state or closely surrounding states. Ground transport companies will also travel non-stop hundreds or thousands of miles, depending on the needs of the family. The choice in transport is often a factor of budget, funeral plans, dates of the service, and other factors.

Final Passage Transport helps those that have passed on to reach their final destinations. We work with families, funeral homes, and crematories so families can feel confident that their loved one is in good hands. Contact us for more information.

loved one dies away

If cremation is preferred, it is often less expensive to ship cremated remains, than a whole person. This is often the least expensive option, but it would depend if you want a viewing with friends and family back home. It is possible to view them in the location that they passed before cremation, especially if you plan on traveling to make arrangements.

Cremated remains can be transported easier. They can be taken on a plane as carry on, driven to their final destination, or sent through the mail.

Your local funeral home or crematory can help you make those decisions and discuss pricing.

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